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What is analysis?

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Transcript 4

A usable transcript

We need something as faithful to 'what was said' as possible, and a way of writing it down that makes it reasonably easy to read. The version below does away with almost all the scene descriptions from the last transcript (transcript 3), adds in some details of sounds, and cleans up some messiness left over from transcript 2.

Here is a neat version. On the next page I'll give a more complicated version so that you can see what each of the notations means.

Transcript 4 (neat version)

[Lyn & Zoe T4, 1]
1Zoe ((off camera)) Mum? h↑ello
3 (3 sec)
4LynI'm here
5 (.8)
6Zoe (okay)-
7 (1.0)
8Lyn ((coughs/clears throat))
9 ((clatter))
10 (3.0)
11Zoe hello
12 (.6)
14Zoe where's the ↑cigarett:es
15 (1.5)
16Lynin the kitchen,
17 (6.0)
18Zoe th' camera's on.
19Lyn >yes<
20 (1.8)
21Zoe w'(h) are you ta(h)lking to it while you 
22 wORK?
23Lyn no:,
24 (.5)
25Lyn [heh heh ºheh hehº=
26Zoe[hh what ye' DOINg then
27Lyn =hahh hahh hahh
28 (1.0)
29Zoe wh't's the ↑point:h
30 (1.5)
31Zoe ↑oh ↑go:d (.) look what ↑I'm wearing

What next?

If you like, you can now either go to the next (and last) transcription page to see in more detail what the symbols I've used mean.

Alternatively, you can skip straight to the analysis pages, to see two examples of how CA helps us understand what is going on in the interaction.