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Transcript 1

In the 'why record' and 'what to transcribe' pages you will have done the exercise of playing the clip and seeing how much you could reasonably record. Now play the clip and track the transcript below.

[Lyn & Zoe T1, 1]
1 Zoe mum
2 Lyn hello I'm here
3 Zoe okay
4 Zoe hello
5 Lyn hi
6 Zoe where's the cigarettes
7 Lyn in the kitchen
8 Zoe the camera's on
9 Lyn yes
10 Zoe are you talking to it while you work
11 Lyn no (laughs)
12 Zoe what y' doing then
13 Lyn (laughs)
14 Zoe what's the point oh god look what
15   I'm wearing

What's missing?

Take a few moments to play through the tape and make notes on what more you can hear. At the same time, consider why it is you're picking it up as worth noticing. That's important too.

When you're ready, click on transcript 2 , and compare what you've noted with the extra detail that transcript 2 includes.