Analysing Talk In Interaction
Charles Antaki
Loughborough University

Appendix to Lecture 4

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Here are some extracts of real data we shall use to spot various CA features. 

Look through and see if you can find examples of the following:

adjacency pairs
first and second pair parts
preferreds and dispreferreds
insertion sequences

You might like to consult this page of notation to make sense of some of the odd symbols.

Sources of extracts indicated where possible.

Extract 1
1ChCan I go down an see Ďim
2 (2.0)
4 (1.5)
5Comín te see Ďim
6 (1.6)

Extract 2
1AWhy whatísa matter with y-you sou[nd HA:PPY, hh
2B                                                                   [Nothing
3BI sound ha:p[py?
4                        [Ye:uh
5 (0.3)
6B No

Extract 3
1AShe says you might want that dress I bought,
2 whether you do
3Oh thanks (well), let me see I really
4  have lots of dresses

Extract 4 Pomerantz, 1975: I
1TTís Ė itís a beautiful day out isnít it?
2L Yeah itís jusí gorgeousÖ.

Extract 5
1Ch I wan my ow:n tea.hh myself
2M (You) want what? =
3Ch= My tea myse:lf
4M No:w? We are all having tea

Extract 6
1CHullo I was just ringing up to ask if you 
2 were going to Bertrandís party
3RYes I thought you might be
4C (Heh heh)
5RYes would you like a lift?
6C Oh Iíd love one

Extract 7 From Levinson
1AI ordered some paint from you uh a couple
2 of weeks ago some vermilion
4A And I wanted to order some more
5 the nameís Boyd
6B Yes  [how many tubes would you like sir
7        [An-
8AU:hm(.) whatís the price now eh with V.A.T.
9Do you know eh
10BEr Iíll just work that out for you
13BThree pounds nineteen a tube sir
14AThree nineteen is it =
15B= Yeah
16AE::h (1.0) yes u:hm (dental click))
17((in parenthetical tone)) e:h jus-justa think,
18Thatís what three nineteen
19Thatís for the large tube isnít it
20BWell yeah itís the thirty seven c.c's
21AEr, hh Iíll tell you what Iíll just eh eh ring
22you back I have to work out how many Iíll
23need.  Sorry I did Ė wasnít sure of the price
24you see

Extract 8 my data (SH)
1Psyįrightį. .h Tell me about what it is that
2 you Įsee then Michael
3 what's the sort of things that you įseeį.
4Pat spiders on wa::lls:, ťsnakes-, snakes: in the carpet,
5Psy                                    [uh-hm
6Psy how often d'you see these things.
7Patthings darting in' (all the) rooms, like rats
9Psypt ťsounds aw ýful
10Pat     [(      )               ]
12Psyand d'y see that- (.2) b- quite regularly

Extract 9 my data (SH) .h d'y like other people, (.)  would you say?
2 (1.3)
3Patthey're all ri:ght
4 (1.4)
5PatI've- (>n- I'mea-='ve go-) I've probably ab'-< Įfou
6 (.) close friends
9Patan jus' stick with me friends
10(1.0) (.) oįkayį.

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A course for the University of Southern Denmark, Odense 2003